Campaign Overview (Updated April 16/12)

While the campaign has 8 players, we’re capping each session at 5, and attendance will be based on the order in which people respond to Calendar invites. (The cap may be raised once everyone gets comfortable with Savage Worlds).

The calendar will be updated each Wednesday for the game the following week. Responses need to be added by Saturday morning.

Each player is responsible for maintaining their own Character page, which needs to include enough updated information for someone else to play their character as an ally in a session where the player is absent.

Players present at a session will earn 2-3 experience points for their character. Players who keep their character sheets updated on Obsidian Portal earn 1 experience point for their character even if they aren’t present. This is based on the assumption that someone else will probably play your character in combat. This does mean your character could be injured (or die) in your absence.

Resurrection is rare in this world, but if a character dies and is not able to be resurrected, the player may create another one to be introduced ASAP. The only penalty is that the new character starts with 5 fewer experience points than the one who died. (This penalty is waived if your character dies while someone else is playing them).

Adventure Log

To avoid piling too much work on one person, we will rotate Adventure Log duty. Please do your very best to have the log posted by Thursday night.