Sparka Hul

Trade (11)

There is enormous disparity in wealth in Sparka Hul. Most property is concentrated in the hands of a small number of very powerful orcish military clans while the rest of the city lives in squalor. In fine orcish tradition, industriousness is openly mocked in Sparka Hul and the “economy” is primarily based on bribery, violence and theft.

The small amount of legitimate trade that does occur between Sparka Hul and the other city states comes through either Hofveld or Eulyptus (where unscrupulous merchants are happy to have a convenient source of slaves to send to Shibi Mal Tan). Clans with enough non-orc members will occasionally send trading expeditions to Krandor, but racial tensions make it a dangerous proposition.

Military (15)

Martial prowess is valued over everything else in Sparka Hul and, as a result, virtually the entire population can contribute to the militia. While the clans may spend most of their time fighting each other, they will instantly rally when faced with external threats. The only thing Hulites hate more than each other is everyone else.

Arcane (8)

The only form of magic that receives any tolerance in Sparka Hul is primal, and even then it is not acknowledged as magical. Practitioners of arcane or divine magic will meet reactions ranging from denial to open hostility, depending on the circumstances.


The walls and foundations of Sparka Hul show evidence of dwarven craftsmanship, but the interior of the city has devolved into multi-layered warrens as one level of poorly constructed buildings collapses or burns and another is built over top of it.


One of the few things the citizens of Sparka Hul agree on is denial of the gods. The gods once worshipped by the orc tribes stopped answering prayers long ago and the sight of clerics now serves as nothing more than a reminder of Sparka Hul’s loss.



Sparka Hul

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