Skill Challenges


The skill challenge will have a designated skill or ability chosen to determine initiative. This may or may not be the Initiative stat on your character sheet.

Free Move

Before taking an action, each participant may move one zone for free. (Travel skill challenges may not allow a free move).


Each participant takes a single action, chosen from the following list, during each turn.

1. Maneuver

Any action that doesn’t move any of the actors in the challenge is a maneuver. Any skill can be used as long as the active player can come up with a logical explanation. The game effect of a successful maneuver is to give a +2 bonus or a -2 penalty to the next roll of any other participant. This will usually use the Easy DC at the level of the challenge but the DM may rule that it will target a defence or passive skill in the case of directly effecting another active participant.

2. Move

The goal of most skill challenges is to advance along a track and the Move action is the way to do this. Each challenge will have suggested skills but the DM should allow for some flexibility if players can come up with interesting stories for other skills. A successful roll allows the player to move one zone.

3. Move Another

This action can be used in multiple ways. Regardless of the desired effect, there is a cumulative -1 penalty for each zone separating the actor from the target.

Move a passive marker. In some skill challenges, the goal may involve moving a marker into a specific zone. For example, in a debate, the audience may be represented by a passive marker that each side of the debate attempts to move into a zone representing a point of view. The target numbers for this action are determined at the outset of the skill challenge.

Move an opponent. In a skill challenge with an active opponent, participants may attempt to move one another. The active player narrates the skill or ability they are using to initiate the move and the defender narrates a defence or passive skill they are using to defend with. The higher rolls wins.

Move an ally. The base DC is one higher than if the ally were making the roll (modified by distance).

4. Attack

The skill challenge system is not particularly good at representing combat. However, if the GM rules it is appropriate, a PC (or NPC) may make an attack against another active participant.

Skill Challenges

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