Trade (8)

The goliaths of Mergut pride themselves on being self-sufficient and they make little effort to cultivate trade relations with the other city states.

Military (14)

It is only through military might that the city of Mergut has managed to survive in its remote, hostile location. Every citizen receives at least some training and positions in the city guard are the most difficult and respected jobs available.

Arcane (8)

The citizens of Mergut have no time for arcane study. They respect the gods and honour the gifted individuals among them who can channel primal power, but they scorn those who would put their trust in something as fickle as magic.


The site of Mergut has probably been occupied by goliath tribes for 10,000 years. As the only place a civilized person can seek refuge for hundreds of miles in any direction (assuming, as you might, that Shibi Mal Tan doesn’t count), its present population is likely the highest the location has ever seen.


The natural beauty of Mergut and its environs is undeniable. Stunning mountain vistas, waterfalls, and pristine forests surround the city. Unfortunately, that beauty masks great danger from threats as varied as bandits, monsters, extreme temperatures and challenging navigation.

See Ulan Bator for details about the yearly festival shared by the two cities.


2555 at last count.


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