There are four sources of “arcane” power in the States of Light world.
Wizardry: A codified and scientific method for harnessing arcane energy. Governed by the Spellcasting (Smarts) skill.
Miracles: The creation of magical effects through force of will and belief in a higher power. Governed by Faith (Spirit).
Performance: The magic of a truly talented musician. Governed by Perform (Spirit).
Wushu: The ability to harness magical energy within the body to perform superhuman feats. Governed by Discipline (Spirit).

We’ll be using the No Power Points variant rule from page 86 of the core book.


Note: Until such time as he takes the Wizard Professional Edge, other wizards will refer to the character as an apprentice.

Spellcasting requires spoken words and elaborate gestures. If the wizard is not able or willing to do one or the other, he suffers a -1 penalty to his Spellcasting rolls (or -2 if he does neither). A wizard must also lug around a spellbook where he records the delicate and precise methods used to create each of his powers. At the GM’s discretion, a wizard deprived of his spellbook for an extended period may begin suffering penalties to his Spellcasting rolls.

When a wizard learns a new power, he associates it with an elemental trapping that brings certain advantages and disadvantages. A wizard may learn the same power multiple times, each time associating it with a new trapping. See Elemental Trappings for more details.

Wizard Spell List (All Wizards begin play with the Elemental Manipulation power).


While the only officially recognized source of miracles is The All Church, the fact is that anyone with sufficient strength of will can create spectacular effects.

Miracle Spell List


Performance effects must always be accompanied by some sort of music. This may just be the voice of the performer, but a well-made musical instrument can grant a bonus to the Perform roll. All Performance powers have the sound trapping. See Elemental Trappings for more details.

Performer Spell List


Note: This arcane background replaces and nullifies the Adept Professional Edge.

Wushu powers are the result of constant physical and mental training. At the GM’s discretion, a Wushu character who is not able to perform daily rituals may begin to take penalties to his Discipline rolls. With the exception of attack spells (Pummel & Stun), Wushu powers are restricted to Range: Self.

Wushu Spell List


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