Trade (16)

Life in Madrieira is dominated by The Order, a cartel of priest-merchants that control every aspect of life in the city. To the gnomes who occupy the majority of the positions in The Order, prophets and profits are equally holy. To that end, Madrieira maintains strong trading relations with all of the other city states.

Madrieira’s prosperity is enhanced by the fact that The Order possesses an official monopoly on shipbuilding awarded to them by Salerno.

Military (11)

The will of The Order is carried out by The Inquisition, a well-funded, highly-trained military force charged with defending Madrieira from all threats, both internal and external. Their methods are brutally effective, and the many clerics in their ranks can be counted upon to repair any damage caused by over-enthusiasm. This has lead to a “maim first, ask questions later” policy that makes dealing with The Inquisition in any capacity somewhat nerve-wracking.

Arcane (9)

Officially, magic doesn’t exist in Madrieira. The only sources of power recognized by The Order are money and the divine. This has long held them in very good standing with Salerno. Recently, however, a number of underground societies have begun making their presence felt, and these societies and making undeniably effective use of arcane power.


Many different cities have occupied the site that is now called Madrieira. The current incarnation arose when several gnomish families left Salerno to establish


Acceptance of The Inquisition in Madrieira is so complete that it has become a badge of honour to have been sent to the rack (provided you return alive).




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