Trade (12)

The bulk of Krandor’s trade revolves around materials for their powerful military. Mining outposts in the mountains to the north send regular barges full of valuable ore as well as gemstones that can be traded to the weaker cities in exchange for materials less common to the area.

Krandor also possesses some of the most fertile and well-tended farmland, thanks to vigilant protection from the military.

Military (17)

Krandor boasts the best-trained and most well-equipped military force of any city state. This strength has allowed them to pacify the area between the mighty branches of the river to their north and south.

Arcane (8)

Magic is viewed as a despicable crutch relied on by those too weak to accomplish a task honestly. Centuries of reliance on physical labour and strength of arms has deeply ingrained a mistrust of anything arcane. Divine and primal magic are not openly frowned upon, but they do receive less respect than activities driven by physical prowess.


The original dwarven founders of Krandor were members of a clan that had managed to hang on to their clanhold for generations after the collapse of the last empire. Eventually, however, the forces of the underdark proved too powerful and the dwarves were forced to leave their beloved mountains and forge new lives on the surface.

The founders chose the location for two primary reasons:
1. The site was accessible only via a single ancient bridge that could be easily defended.
2. The ruins of an ancient human city provided abundant stone to begin construction with.


The dwarves of Krandor have long-standing grudges against the residents of Eulyptus and, despite their obviously beneficial trade relationship, the two cities are held from open conflict mostly by the threat of sanction from Salerno.


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