Trade (13)

For some reason, Hofveld has always maintained strong ties to Shibi Mal Tan via the last remaining great road. Most citizens resent the relationship, but are afraid to stop in case it brings retribution from the notoriously violent and unforgiving hobgoblins. Hofveld’s trade caravans also journey through the northern mountain pass to Mergut in the east and to Sparka Hul in the west.

Military (10)

The city itself is fortunate enough to attract little attention from invaders, so the majority of Hofveld’s military is concentrated on defending the caravans that are so vital to the city’s survival.

Arcane (12)

Hofveld has access to many arcane resources, but they generally prefer not to as centuries of dealing with Shibi Mal Tan has coloured their perceptions of the arcane.


The entire city of Hofveld sits within the well-maintained walls of an ancient fortress built by the last empire to defend the adjacent bridge.


While their survival depends on contact with the other city states, the citizens of Hofveld are highly distrustful of strangers. Amongst themselves they speak an impenetrable version of common based on archaic traditions and expressions.


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