heated argument

Simply looking for some information, Kenichi politely asked a tall, robed mage a simple question.

“Hello there” he mumbled, “What is going on here? It’s pretty chaotic.”

“Look around, order has been lost of course. It’s clearly higher up the chain of command.”

“Clearly” replied Kenichi, “but do you know any specifics, um, good sir?”

“Glidesh” he said as he crossed his arms.

Kenichi rolled his eyes.

“Well… Glidesh… do you have any useful information about what is going on here?”

Useful information?” snapped the character.

Kenichi looked unimpressed, and began walking away from the bright yellow robed individual. It didn’t seem like there was any good info here.

“Don’t you turn your back on me old man. Do you know who I am?”

Kenichi paused, and did not turn around.

Glidesh went on, “Do you need some dwarven oil old man?”

Kenichi was confused. “Dwarven oil?”

“Yes, dwarven oil, to keep that illusion you have going.”

Kenichi whipped around, “First of all, I have no illusion going on, but if I did, I wouldn’t need dwarven oil you horrible excuse for a mage, I’d need troll fat. And second, don’t call me old man. I’m far younger than you.”

Kenichi pulled the cloak off his head to show that he was younger, which he was, but showing his face more clearly wasn’t helping his argument.

“Troll fat?!” Glidesh said in shock. “Are you insane?!”

The two mages argued over that potion, then a spell, then another potion, then a ritual. Finally the two were separated as their respective parties went in opposite directions. Glidesh continued to yell at Kenichi as he left. Kenichi continued to magically send messages to Glidesh, taunting him even more as he held his arms up shaking his neck.

Kenichi mumbled to himself angrily over the next hour or so. No one was really listening, and even if they were, they wouldn’t understand the subtle nuances of the arcane to appreciate it.

“I could die happy if I never saw that bright yellow robe again.”

heated argument

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