Trade (12)

Eulyptus leverages its position as a convenient port to create vast fortunes for those fortunate enough to overlook its deep harbour. Everyone else is forced to eke out a living on the scraps.

Unofficially, Eulyptus is the centre of the slave trade, despite the official condemnation of slavery by Salerno. Eulyptian slave ships make regular, profitable expeditions to Shibi Mal Tan.

More officially, Eulyptus maintains constant trade contact with both Salerno and Madrieira.

Military (9)

Eulyptus spends exactly enough on military to ensure it is not an attractive target for attack and not a single copper more. This has lead to a militia that prioritizes its own safety over that of the people who pay for its existence.

Arcane (14)

Virtually every family on the ruling council boasts a wizard as a member. Arcane knowledge is guarded jealously by the elite and this fact is one of many factors contributing to unrest in the city.


The massive ziggurat that encompasses the city proper of Eulyptus dates back to well before the decline of the last empire. The architectural knowledge required to expand or even properly maintain the structures died with the empire, however, and an entire class of Eulytian society exists solely to toil endlessly on the prodigious limestone edifices that make up the core of the city state.


Status in Eulyptus is directly reflected by physical position in the great ziggurat. The ruling classes occupy the luxuriant upper tier, while slaves and other lower classes must grovel in the wastes surrounding the great structure.


The population of the city itself is around 3500 with another 4500 occupying the rest of the island.


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