Caedmon Breagh

Short tempered, strong willed, and is sick of telling legends about others, and wants them to be about himself.


Growing Up:

From as early as he can remember Caedmon idolised his father, who was one of the head Trade Guardsmen to Shibi Mal Tan. Stories of the strange cruel Hobgoblin’s and their bizzare magic weavers fascinated Caedmon to no end. But magic is shunned in Hofveld due to its association with Shibi Mal Tan so Caedmon had to keep his interest in learning the arcane secret and he just focused on becoming a guardsmen instead.

Starting out:

Caedmon’s father always was rumored to be half Goliath due to his towering size and inumerable fables of strength and endurance, but Caedmon didn’t take after his father much to his dismay. He always resembled his slighter, more frail Elvish mother which heavily delayed his entrance into the Trade Guardsmen. Desperate to be around the Guardsmen he volunteered to aid the caravan any way he could and ended up bandaging wounds, cooking meals and amusing the troops on the long trips.

After years of volunteering, Caedmon finally was able to join the guard, but not in the role he hoped. His smaller size and general uselessness in hand-to-hand combat relegated Caedmon to a support role, making living up to his father’s legends unlikely. So, to help get him ahead(or at least less far behind) he sold what little he owned to bribe one of the local Tradesmen into letting him lead one of the smaller caravans(many years ahead of when he would usually have been allowed to lead). Being the youngest Guardsmen leader would have finally raised Caedmon to the fabled status he deserved, if it had actually gone smoothly. But all of the senior and elite guardsmen refused to be lead by someone so weak and young so the Caravan ended up being mostly run with rookies and rejects. The news of such easy prey spread quickly, and near the end of the trade run on the outskirts of Shibi Mal Tan the caravan was over-run by raiders. Disorganized and crippled with inexperiance and/or utter incompetance the Guardsmen barely put up a fight, and ended up just being a meatshield between the raiders and the caravans goods. After the slaughter of almost everyone on the trade run,one of the local Shibi Mal Tan patrols saw the carnage in the distance and came in to make sure the goods they paid for arrived. The raiders were destroyed in seconds by the Shibi Mal Tan patrol led by Korin Jiki Mal. Korin looked around at the survivors, shackled up the last of the raiders and lead them back to the capitol with the contents of the caravan and left the people from Hofveld to die deeming them so pathethic they were not worth the effort to revive to put into slavery. Caedmon rounded up the few Hofveldian survivors and camped out on the outskirts of Shibi Mal Tan knowning that they wouldn’t be luckly enough to dodge slavery a second time if they were caught before the next days Hofveldian caravan came by. But fortune shone on the survivors and they met up with the next days caravan without any more harm. Although Caedmon did survive, his reputation was destroyed and he returned to Hofveld as an outcast, and a shame to his family(as Caravans being fully overrun almost never happends, and survivors often don’t return due to the shame of failure)


With his ego bruised and reputation permanently destroyed, Caedmon could only get work occasionally on the much safer shipping route to Madrieira. Sick of the shame of being a failed guardsman and disillusioned with living up to his fathers legend Caedmon disappeared into the city of Madrieira upon arrival and didn’t look back. Wanting to gain some sort of reputation and power he took the highest paying job he could find with the skills he had, as a low level informant for the local theives guild. Quickly rising through the ranks Caedmon finally found his calling, and did anything he needed to push his way towards the top. Betrayal, backstabbing, theft and murder became commonplace to Caedmon over the next couple years as life continued to spiral downward and more out of control. But his obsession with power and fame eventually caused him to go one step too far and he took a job no one else was willing to do. When the news of who was assassinated hit the city The Inquisition went into a full scale manhunt after anyone who was involved. Luckily, Caedmon was able to use his charm to make his way out of the city, before The Inquisition was able to find him.

On My Own:

After failing at both his boyhood dream of a Hofveldian Guardmen and at attaining a high ranking position in the Madrieira thieves guild Caedmon was lost, confused and furious. Determined to show all his doubters that they were wrong Caedmon figured he would go to where true legends are made, Salerno. Seemingly, upon arrival The League was almost expecting him and realised his talents quickly, which sent his ego to new hights. Now a member of The League, Caedmon felt ready to take power however he needs to, so he can become a legend like he deserves.

Caedmon Breagh

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