States of Light

Episode 7

Longblade has Fallen

As information about the pirate group continued to flow, The League decided the heroes could use some reinforcements, so they sentMam and Jiki Mal to aid in the assault.

Their timing was excellent, as Hrath, Kenichi and Ulis found themselves facing some powerful foes.

The tiefling sorcerer and a couple of swashbuckling pirates harassed the group but were quickly driven off. The heroes gave chase and soon found themselves confronting Longblade, the leader of the pirates. Longblade was aided by a crafty kobold trapmaster and a sneaky elf rogue, who nearly killed Kenichi with a single stab.

The battle was fierce, and several of the heroes were knocked unconscious, but they pulled together as a team and managed to prevail. When the dust settled, the tiefling was dead and Longblade’s hacked body lay on the cold stone floor; the elf woman had fled and the kobold had been captured.

After the battle, Ulis explored the watercourse that passed through the complex but didn’t find anything of interest. The kobold, however, proved to be more than willing to provide information. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a lot of interesting things to say. He did confirm that Longblade was the pirate leader and that there would probably be infighting now that he was gone.

The heroes left the complex via a long tunnel that lead to a secluded gully less than a quarter mile from the coast. The gully showed abundant signs of long-term occupancy and equally abundant signs of a recent, rapid departure. Among the rocks and abandoned shelters, the party found a bound and gagged man named Irfan who proved to be a member of a wealthy family from Krandor. They brought Irfan with them as Ulis followed the tracks of the fleeing pirates.

The tracks lead to a sheltered cove that had recently been the site of a large conflict. Dozens of bodies were strewn along the shore and on a large pirate ship. Apparently the kobold’s prediction was correct, as the signs indicated that the pirates had been fighting one another. Tracks of two other vessels marked the shore, so some pirates did get away, including the elf woman…


“The League’s navy grows stronger each week, comrades”, I beamed, gazing admiringly at the party’s newest prize: a 120-foot, 2 masted galley with room for at least 100 oars. Like the other pirate vessels, this was an ominous looking craft. Red-stained wood, black sails, gnarled railings carved to appear as tortured and dying captives. A grim and fearsome ship, to be sure. “Now we just have to figure out how to pilot it home. A few slaves would be all we’d need, but the pirates didn’t leave any behind for us. At least, no live ones”.

The battle with Longblade and his cronies was a difficult one, but we prevailed as expected. The pirates have been scattered, their numbers nowhere near what they once were. Surely we can close the book on this mission soon. I can’t imagine that what’s left of them could present any sort of meaningful problem for the League any longer. Of course, it couldn’t have been Longblade himself who was responsible for all this trouble, so we may yet be called upon by our employers to dig deeper.

Well, until the League needs me again, I think I might just come back here and spend some time, a few weeks perhaps, camping along the shore line near where we discovered the pirates cove. The swamps look like they’d provide an interesting survival challenge, especially now that I know how to recognize a hag. I should bring Jiki Mal, too, or maybe Kenichi if he thinks he could handle it. Since we started working with the League together, I’ve had very little chance to spend time with my long-time friends.


Episode 7

“I think I’m getting the hang of this” Kenichi mumbled. He had been through a few good battles now without falling. “That elf won’t escape me next time” referring to the one that almost took him down in a short time before he tried to hypnotize her into jumping into the water. She did in fact jump into the water like he wanted, but Kenichi wasn’t sure whether he did it or she wanted to anyways. “I feel like I’m getting better at this, and I think I just taught myself a new spell!”

Episode 7

Having been denied the execution of the Kobold, Mam refuses to join the league and goes off in search of something to kill. It doesn’t take long for him to stumble upon signs of a small orc raiders camp. Stalking his prey and finds the perfect spot to confront them. The minions where quickly put to the blade but he finally found his challenge with there leader. The battle was intense with neither giving ground. Mam found new strength in the wounds the orc inflicted and was able to overpower his foe. Still suffering from the bleeds, Mam collapsed. A few hours later he was able to collect himself and meditate on the battle. I would be several days before he would return to the league….with fury in his heart, giving him more strength for the battles ahead.

Episode 7

Sitting on (being a part of) this rock for the better part of the day has made Gorun stronger somehow.
Just as he was about to detach himself from his ocean view and return to his comrades Gorun spotted something floating far out in the sea. Curious and in need of a good swim he headed out there. Three escaped slaves adrift on a plank of wood. The use of slaves has always disturbed the young Goliath. They would rather risk starvation and drowning… Ah this is not right! They should all be FREE! He had decided. This world will change for the better. Perhaps this is what the prophets meant? Perhaps this was his destiny!

Episode 7

The last light of dusk glinted off the shale rooftops of the buildings along Krandor’s dockside. Sturdy, granite buildings, Amalaun noted. If he’d ever seen dwarven citadels before, he’d have recognized the distinctive architectural traits gracing many of the buildings within eyeshot. As it was, the city radiated a functional beauty—design to be sure, but far from ostentatious.
At that moment, however, Amalaun was far from interested in the ascetic qualities of Krandor’s skyline. What he really cared about was getting off the damned ship; the dark elf cursed every extra second taken to dock the floating prison. As well as he cursed the captain, his stomach, sea air, seagulls—clearly, ocean travel was not for this dark elf.
Amalaun fidgeted while the gangplank was slowly lowered and lashed into place. As soon at the signal was given, the dark elf leaped up and made his way down to the dock, trying to keep his legs under him. He ignored the smirk of the crewman at the base of the gangplank.
Ah, heaven!, he sighed, feeling the relative firmness—and stillness—of the dock underneath his feet.
“Amalaun Melep?”
“My goodness. Word of my arrival does travel fast—hello?”
Amalaun had turned to find who was addressing him. No-one.
“Down here,” came a dry reply.
The dark elf lowered his gaze to find a halfling, female, staring up at him stonily.
“Ah! Of course. You must be Brogia.”
Amalaun dropped to a knee and offered a hand in greeting. Brogia’s hard look softened at the dark elf’s sudden gesture. It became positively startled when, instead of shaking her hand, the dark elf smoothly planted a kiss on the back of it.
“Forgive me. I did not realize you would come to meet me personally. It is an honour.”
“, too.” Brogia recovered herself. She turned, gesturing the dark elf to follow. Please, come this way.”
As they walked away from the docks and into the winding streets of Krandor’s settlements, Amalaun noted with some amusement Brogia’s subtle wipe of the back of her hand on her mottled hide armor. Not the first Halfling he’d met, but certain the most…unique. Her brusque manner, and rough attire, were distinctly at odds with the usual Halfling bon vivant. Still, he was not one to judge. Especially given some of the sour looks he himself was receiving from some of the dockside characters.

Amalaun’s trip to Krandor was largely uneventful, which perhaps was a shame, as any sort of excitement may have taken his attention away from his roiling stomach. Before leaving Salerno, he made a quick stop to see Mauvais, and acquired some items which could be helpful to his allies in their quest. And upon arriving in Krandor and meeting Brogia, Amalaun wasted no time at all in quickly acquiring some contacts through various less than reputable establishments. He was quite excited to see Gorun and Korin Jiki Mal, and intrigued to see what this Ulis will bring to the table…he speaks rough, and certainly has no trouble scaring the ladies off, yet all that carbuncle exterior can’t completely hide the shades of blue blood rearing. Takes one to know one, after all…

Episode 7
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