States of Light

Episode 6

Down the Rabbit Hole

Akrosios quickly yielded to the expert interrogation techniques employed by The League. The morning after the successful interception, Brogia called Gorun, Hrath, Kenichi and Ulis into the briefing room and informed them that the “package” was a vellum scroll that contained a ritual of opening.

With Kenichi’s assistance, Keiji, the League’s local arcane consultant, was able to determine the location the scroll was keyed to – a spot along the coast, north of Krandor.

The heroes decided to travel overland and they were able to reach the location in half a day’s travel. The ritual easily yielded to Kenichi’s arcane prowess and they were soon watching earth and stone melt away from the cliffside to reveal a cave mouth.

With Gorun in the lead, the party proceeded into the cave, where they woke several swarms of nasty, bloodsucking stirges. They pushed further into the cave where they were able to bottleneck the swarms and thereby minimize the damage suffered.

Unfortunately, the stirges weren’t the only occupants of the cave. While Hrath and Kenichi dealt with the bugs, the rest of the group engaged several archers, a tiefling sorcerer and the largest half-orc any of them had ever seen. The half-orc proved to be a shapechanger who eventually dropped the massive maul he was wielding as he changed into a boar. The combination of serrated tusks, crossbow bolts and balefire took their toll on the heroes, and only Kenichi avoided falling unconscious.

Thankfully, Gorun’s toughness and ability to channel natural energy into healing (along with some well-timed first aid) kept enough of the group on their feet to defeat the half-orc and all the crossbowmen.

The tiefling’s resolve collapsed when Ulis’ axes cleaved the head from the wereboar and he fled down the long hallway into the darkness. Battered and spent, the group decided to recuperate before giving chase.


After dying during his first real battle, and going down in his second, Kenichi has (finally) realized that behind his allies is a better place to be. Still learning his capabilities, he took almost all of the stirges down, while he had some trouble with the crossbowmen again. Perhaps slaying a few more of them will shake his fear of those pesky bolts.

Episode 6

Hrath staggered out of the cave and rested upon one of the rocks outside the pirate lair. He pulled a few stirge needles from where the giant bugs had found cracks in his armour, and waved his hand to clear the smoke that still rose from his charred skin.

Ulis staggered out of the cave after him, a few patches of balefire still flickering dimly on his back. Hrath sighed and beat them out with the cloak he’d started to tear apart to bind his wounds. Ulis nodded a weary thanks at him and checked his own bloodstained bandages. Then he stared at his axes with an expression of disgust before hurling them out into the water.

Hrath inspected the gash in his side where the shapechanger had gouged him with a tusk, breaking through his armour. It was a deep wound, but luckily the balefire had cauterized the wound and mostly stopped the bleeding. He probably wouldn’t die. Probably.

Gorun stumbled out of the cave next. He wasn’t as badly burned as Hrath and Ulis — he was more singed. But he had a number of arrows embedded in his limbs as well as the stirge stickers. He opened his mouth as if to say something, then just shook his head.

Kenichi exited the cave last. He was sauntering instead of leaning upon the rocks for support like the others. And for some reason he was whistling a tune — a drinking song, if Hrath wasn’t mistaken.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad,” he said.

The three warriors stared at him, then at one another. Then Hrath looked out to sea.

“We must never speak of this day again,” he said.

Episode 6

Bwhaaahh! Well at least no one died… technically this counts as a success for Gorun. Still it was too close for comfort. Both physically and emotionally scarred from that last fight he sat on a boulder outside the cave. His skin instinctively hardened and became rock-like. He was indistinguishable from his surroundings. Stone on stone… perhaps he would rest here a while and meditate.

Episode 6

Gads, what more could go wrong that didn’t! Badly wounded, and with a fresh, not to mention ugly, scar covering his throat and underside of his chin, Ulis collapsed on the dock before contemplating their next move. It wasn’t going to get any easier now that the tiefling has gone on to warn his cohorts of our presence. We’ll need to be right behind him, as soon as we can get our wits about us again.
The tiefling should be dead already. And he would be if he hadn’t been able to take advantage of my momentary distraction caused by the half-orc destroying the entire cornier of the wall I was standing beside. If I get him one-on-one again, he won’t be so lucky.

Episode 6
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