States of Light

Episode 12

Badly beaten, from the battle with Darien and the evil priest Brelic, Akra is in need of healing and the group comes to his aid and stabilizes his condition. Now able to manage the pain he focuses on restoring himself to full health. Meanwhile, Hrath notices an eerie green glow emanating through a hole in the floor of the battered old farmhouse. Kenichi determines it to be arcane in nature and the two descend into the crawlspace to investigate further. They locate a shard which Kenichi deduces is very likely related to the ghoul infestation and that it not be touched. Using a piece of wood they push it into a sack and exit the crawlspace.

Our heroes now depart the ruins of Hofveld and rendezvous with the other League groups that are heading for Fort DeWalt to debrief with the Bellicus. It is immediately apparent that there is tension among the higher ranked League members and that they have split into two factions. Each of our heroes fails at gathering any significant information as to what is at the root of the strife. Most miserably, Kenichi, manages only to get into a very heated argument with another League mage, Glidesh, over a mundane tidbit of arcane knowledge and establishes a lifelong enemy in the process.

Once at Fort DeWalt, Brogia calls upon Akra, Hrath, Kenichi and Newt who inform her of what occurred in Hofveld, including revealing the documents and shard they had found. She tells the group to keep this information quiet. As well, Kenichi takes the opportunity to badmouth his new found enemy, Glidesh, to Brogia.

Next, the heroic adventurers meet with a ranking League wizard, Vittorio, who concludes that the shard is immensely powerful and to be the source of the entire ghoul outbreak! The shard is placed into a special containment chest for safekeeping and Kenichi, who transported it in the sack, is placed under quarantine. Akra is deeply concerned about losing position of the shard and it falling into the wrong hands. It caused so much trouble already and should be destroyed! He attempts to intimidate Vittorio, quite unsuccessfully, and is assured the shard is in good hands. Vittorio then firmly orders Akra out of his tent.

Akra is now intent on informing the Bellicus of the shard as soon as possible, but has to wait in doing so as our heroes are once again summoned to meet, secretly, with Brogia. Upon arrival, Kenichi ‘stirs up the wind’ so they are not heard and Brogia reveals the reason behind the strive which has occurred in the League. When she arrived at Fort DeWalt, the head of The All Church, Ecclesia, began questioning the authority of Bellicus Demetrios and Magus Katsuro. Brogia is on side with the League and it’s apparent she hopes our heroes are as well. Without hesitation our intrepid adventurers affirm their allegiance to the League! No sooner done, the meeting is interrupted by banging on the door and they are summoned to meet with both the Bellicus and Ecclesia. En route, Newt’s keen eye notes that the party is being followed by scouts who are watching Kenichi, in particular (as is Hrath).

There is obvious (to all except Akra) tension in the room when the party arrives and everyone already present leaves immediately except a number of guards, the Bellicus and Ecclesia. This is the first time our heroes have met the gnomish head of The All Church and before introductions can even be made both Hrath and Kenechi notice a guard next to the Bellicus drawing his sword. They react quickly and Ecclesia bellows to the guardsmen that our heroes are moving in to assassinate the Bellicus! Caught by surprise, the Bellicus is not able to react before the guardsman plants his sword to the hilt between his ribs. Hrath engages the guard, wounding him, as the Bellicus slips to the floor. Kenichi creates an obscuring mist which wrecks havoc for all, allowing Ecclesia to slip away unnoticed. Swinging wildly, Newt moves towards the location she recalls the nearest guard to her to be but is unable to inflict any significant damage before she finds herself surrounded. It is not long before she takes a beating from the numerous guardsmen and is barely able to remain on her feet. Meanwhile, Akra has moved past the fallen Bellicus, and out of the fog, to kick open a door through which he intends on carrying Demetrios to safety. Kenichi too moves out of the fog; he then unleashes three flaming bolts on the guard who wounded the Bellicus, finishing him off, while Hrath turns his attention on another.

As the battle continues, Newt is fortunately able to maneuver away from her attackers and Kenichi puts three of them into a slumber before they are able to close and strike again. Hrath takes out his foe while Akra locates the Bellicus and drags him from the fog and through the door he kicked ajar.

The fog lifts and surprised to see three prone guardsmen at her feet, Newt hastily takes one out before any can stir and finish her off first. Kenichi focuses a fireball on another off in the distance, who is obviously shaken by it. In prime form, Hrath fells another. Akra continues to attend to the fallen Bellicus and administers healing to stave off the icy grips of death. In short order, he is revived as our heroes gather near as they then make their way down a corridor seeking exit. They encounter a few remaining guardsmen who Bellicus orders to stand down stating that our heroes are not assassins, but are in fact saviors! Seemingly confused and to snap out of Ecclesia’s nefarious influence of betrayal, the guardsmen obey.

Most readily, Akra’s attention returns to the protect of the shard and he bolts off at lighting pace for Vittorio’s…


Great writeup, David! I look forward to seeing other points of view on these events :)

Episode 12
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