States of Light

Episode 11

From the letter found earlier, the heros head out for Elisa’s house, Darien’s sister. Walking through the town they hear screams and moans in the distance, but cannot pinpoint the direction. They arrive at a very old house. “Is this it?” Newt asks. Kenichi mumbles quickly, “Oh yes. There is bad news in this house.”

Dilapidated from several causes, only one window intact, the single story building has an eerie aura about it. There are stains from blood, feces, and other unrecognizable liquids all over the outside. A figure appears where the front door would be.

Kenichi caught a glimpse of something peculiar. This person was wearing ghoul flesh over top of his own. Jiki Mal recognized his voice quickly to be the evil priest Brelic Manson. Before any words from our heroes, Brelic attacked with ghouls of his own and receded into the house.

Mam was quick to act as he ran into the house after Brelic knocking him down on his first blow then spewing acid on him to boot. Kenichi ran closer to the entrance and saw Brelic on the ground sizzling and a ghoul next to him. A stream of fire erupted from Kenichi’s hands exploding on impact. The horrific stench after the blast is enough to make lesser man’s stomach turn. The rest of the group runs into the house to join the fight.

As they enter, they see scribblings scratched all over the walls, but it’s not a common language. More blood and guts cover the walls of this decrepit house. Floor boards are missing, support beams are splintering, luckily the stone frame is structurally intact.

Mam looks up and sees Darien! The boy is not the boy he used to be though. Covered in blood and other entrails he is now feeling stronger than ever. Newt hits Darien with a huge swing of her rapier, Darien disappears into thin air. Everyone has a surprised look on their faces.

Jiki Mal tries to decipher the text on the wall but it doesn’t resemble anything he is familiar with. Mam feels the walls talking to him and is overcome by the voices telling him to feast on the flesh of his ally. Jiki Mal’s shoulder gets a slice taken out of it from Mam who then eats the fresh meat of his comrade. Mam feels great for a while, but shakes the thoughts out of his head soon after.

Kenichi, with a tremendous flash of his wand immobilizes Brelic. As the group swarms, Damien runs in with a single blow dazing Akra, Newt, and Jiki Mal. He is looking rejuvenated since Newt’s big hit. Kenichi figures the source of his healing must be from the script on the wall but is unsure of exactly how to stop it.

New foes appear in the room attacking anyone within reach. The small room is busy with five heroes and three or four enemies thrashing around. The group is fighting in a state of controlled chaos. Bodies are hitting the floor, weapons are hitting flesh, armor, and the wall, yelling occurring from both sides often.

Akra, dazed, charges at Brelic and connects, finishing the evil priest. Darien enters the room with a hit on Akra who could not defend in time. Newt cannot keep the voices out of her head and bites a large chunk of Akra’s torso off swallowing it whole, and feeling refreshed afterwards. Newt focuses and surrounds Darien with Mam. Mam hits Darien with a mighty swing, another ghoul emerges and Darien teleports away again. Akra, although still dazed, rages! A stinky mist seeps through his scales as he lets out a battle cry. He takes out the newest ghoul, healing himself and everyone around him. Jiki Mal, also dazed, heals Akra. Kenichi focuses his arcane energy and is able to disrupt the conjuration in this room, still, there are five more rooms in the house.

With the first room trashed, the battle storms into the next. Mam cannot fend off the voices coming from this room as he is flanked by Darien and yet another new ghoul. Kenichi too, is overcome with voices and lashes out with a magic missile towards Newt. Jiki Mal hears the voices and begins to swing at Akra but stops himself just before he connects. Newt joins the rush, his presence is enough to shake the dazing effect from Akra, whom finally sees clearly again. Kenichi tries unsuccessfully a few times to dismiss the ghoulish magic in the room, he should’ve been paying more attention to his enemies, as he finds himself surrounded. Akra, bloodied, tries to give some back-up to the mage, but misses. The words on the wall sap energy from Akra, healing Darien in the process. “We’ve got to dismiss the magic of the walls” Kenichi murmurs as lightning shoots from his hands taking down another ghoul.

Newt, Mam, and Jiki Mal cirlce around Darien but he acts faster than anticipated and slices Mam and Jiki Mal. Akra thinks about his training with the League and it inspires him. He stands a little taller and feels a little stronger. Jiki Mal sees what Kenichi is trying to do and helps out in his own way. He disrupts the effects of the seconds room on his first try. Darien scowls at him. Meanwhile, Kenichi slips to the third room and vanquishes the evil magic there. Akra cleaves a large piece of Darien off, who teleports, and another ghould appears.

The battle rages on into room after room, leaving incredible destruction behind. The house is bleeding life from the heroes, particularly Akra, and replenishing Darien. Jiki Mal, cleanses another room, Kenichi fails to cleanse the next. Newt and Akra take hits from ghouls. Newt can’t keep the voices out and slashes Kenichi. Another ghoul hits Kenichi, he is hurt bad. The walls get to Jiki Mal again and he surely would have knocked Akra out cold if not for the dragonborn’s armor. Akra remains standing… barely.

Darien gets cornered in the sixth room. EVEN MORE ghouls appear. Mam succumbs to the voices from the walls and swings at Newt, who dodges just in time. Kenichi cleanses the room and is off to cleanse the final room. Darien lashes out at Akra with his claws and delivers enough damage to knock him out. Ghouls drop here and there, a couple more appear, both parties are running out of energy. Akra, unconscious and slipping away on the floor, miraculously gasps and awakens on the floor. Mam is straddling his body with a wide stance, fighting Darien. Akra waits for the right moment then rolls out and rejoins the fight. Kenichi dispels the last room, and as he does, his allies see Darien shrivel significantly, looking much more frail than moments before. The mage enters the room and summons a six foot tall hand made of ice which grabs Darien. Mam delivers the final blow, and everyone gives off a well deserved sigh of relief. “What… a… battle.” Akra manages to say between breathes.


What a battle indeed!
Why do I always miss the boss battles (grumble grumble…).
Looks like I’ll probably have to miss the next session too ;(
Leave some killin’ for Gorun!

Episode 11

With the arrival of Kenichi and Mam, Amalaun and Gorun chose to remain behind at the Church while the others headed off towards Elisa’s farmhouse. Gorun had a strong need to cleanse the desecrated Church, and Amalaun offered to help.
“You have knowledge of the proper cleansing rites?” Gorun asked Amalaun, surprised.
“Of course,” the dark elf replied
Amalaun knew of no such rites, but he figured fire would work just as well as some religious mumblings. Gorun was puzzled when ordered to simply stack the bodies and bloody pews in the centre of the floor, but did as he was told. His alarm grew as he watched Amalaun begin to pour the anointing oil they had found over the gruesome funereal pile.
When Amalaun lit the first torch, Gorun couldn’t stay silent any longer.
The dark elf paused, mid throw.
“But…shouldn’t you be saying something, you know…” Gorun struggled to find the words.
Amalaun sighed, watching the stricken goliath. He was really going to have to do something about those morals of the brawny warden. Amalaun turned back to the pile of bodies.
“To whatever afterlife you may or may not believe in…safe journey.”
Amalaun tossed the torch onto the pyre. Flames roared to life, licking high into the air. In moments, the pile of bodies was engulfed, and the heat forced the companions to retreat to a safer distance.
“That is your idea of ‘cleansing rites’?” Gorun said.
“Close enough,” Amalaun replied.
Gorun regarded the inferno somberly, while the light of the fire reflected strangely in Amalaun’s eyes. After a while, Amalaun spoke.
“We should leave soon. We are not safe.”
“The ghouls can’t enter here, though,” Gorun said.
“I believe the fire will change that.”
Indeed, through the stained glass windows near the entrance, dark shapes were gathering. Howls began to rise from the hungry ghouls.
Amalaun stepped over to face the front doors, his eyes burning bright.
“Read to do some cleansing of a different type?”
Gorun shouldered his axe, yanked open the front door, and charged with a howl of his own.

Episode 11

oh nice story

Episode 11
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