States of Light

Episode 10

While Gorun agonized over the unconscious Jiki Mal, Hrath and Amalaun made introductions between each other and Newt and AkRA. Reviving the skraeling was one thing, but getting him to his feet was another. Jiki Mal urged them forward, stating that he would catch up when he was feeling better.
The newly formed group of five made their way quickly through the city to where intel had lead the League to believe the wizard Tiren’s laboratory to be. Amalaun could indeed sense an increased aura of arcane surrounded the two story building. Inside, on the second floor, a ruined library, scorched walls, and a large blood stain on the floor.
“Is that…?” Hrath said, spotting movement outside the window.
It was. Undead, that is. The five companions quickly fortified the study as several ghouls burst in through the windows and up the stairs. Hrath held the stairs while the others quickly flanked or wiped out those that had infiltrated the second floor.
The ghouls had a special message to deliver though—a high pitched, piercing message, one that shattered eardrums. Inside the small library, there was nowhere to hide from the unearthly howls.
AkRA, though, would brook no defeat. With a few shouted words of his own, he boosted morale and fortified the company’s fighting spirit. It was a messy, ugly fight to the end, though; Hrath was barely standing when he put down the final ghoul.
In the shattered remains in the library, one clue: a journal entry.
Evening approached. The company would rest the night, then push forward in the morning.
At dawn’s light, to the church moved the company, with haste. The high walls loomed over them as they approached, the stained glass windows ominously dark, the eyes of a corpse.
Outside the gates, immediately upon arriving, a hungry ghoul. More swarmed from around the buttressed, sweeping walls of the church. Hrath immediately headed off one pack on his own, mindful of the overlapping effect of the howling screams. His tactic was sound, keeping the groups isolated from excessive harm. Newt drew much of the early attacks, until Gorun was able to move up and absorb the punishment. AkRA joined Hrath once Gorun and Newt gained the upper hand over their group of ghouls. Amalaun furiously hurled chaotic energy around, onto everything except the enemy. Clearly he was having trouble focusing.
The ghouls dealt with, the company entered the church. To witness a scene from the blackest of nightmares. Bodies strewn everywhere: half consumed, bleeding out, and, more importantly, arranged. The desecration was palpable. “Calculated,” Amalaun snapped, at nothing and no-one in particular.
Gorun, digging through a pile of destroyed books, made yet another important discovery. A blood soaked clerical chronicle, detailing the last few days before the horror. The return of Darien, drugged and still afflicted, and his consequent exile to his sister’s farm. The rise of the darkness. The last stand of the survivors.
And death from within.


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